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The training program offers all PhD students enrolled in the ICEPHA Graduate Program Membrane-associated Drug Targets in Personalized Cancer Medicine a cross disciplinary learning and interdisciplinary education. It is the aim of the program to foster the professional profile of the PhD students in both basic and translational science and to promote their scientific independence.

Topics that are covered by the graduate program in Tübingen and at the campus of the Robert-Bosch-Hospital in Stuttgart include, but are not limited to the following areas of expertise:

  • molecular oncology
  • anti-tumour immunity
  • tumor pharmacogenomics
  • epigenetics and metabolomics in tumor biology
  • radio-oncology and pharmacology of anti-cancer drugs
  • cancer drug-discovery and development
  • biostatistics/bioinformatics
  • soft skills i.e. manuscript and grant writing, presentation techniques and project management