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Profile of the ICEPHA

The Interfaculty Centre for Pharmacogenomics and Pharma Research was created as an interconnection between chemical and biological sciences and human medicine, thus forming a dynamic network in focussed research areas across academic expertise and pharmaceutical industry users. ICEPHA is a research network as well as a service and development center for innovative drugs and therapies. Such a construction allows to carry out research projects that can not be handled efficiently through one single institution. Partnership with any industrial users or developers is welcome.

ICEPHA’s main interest is concentrated on genes which (A) affect the susceptibility of patients to drugs or (B) are associated with the manifestation of disease. Program (A) provides knowledge for defining and investigating targets for custom-tailored drugs. Program (B) is the basis for a predictable individualized therapy with patient-directed drugs and dosage. This is of prime importance for the maximum benefit for the patient’s health after therapeutic intervention, but of equal importance for the economy of the public health system.