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As a major advance towards training the next generation of experts that will tailor pharmacological treatment regimens to the individual genetic makeup, the ICEPHA has established a graduate program focusing on “Membrane-associated Drug Targets in Personalized Cancer Medicine”. Since the launch of the program in 2014, our young graduates work on different aspect of tumor cell biology, on risk and prognosis prediction, and the molecular mechanisms of resistance to cancer therapy. This research is designed to bridge the gap that exists between discovery and translation, allowing a rapid integration of our results into clinical practice in order to improve outcomes for people with cancer i.e. breast cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, renal cell carcinoma, and other tumor entities. 

Since March 2019 gaps concerning the abovementioned link between membrane-associated drug targets, cancer biology, and therapy are investigated by our newly recruited group of junior scientists. We wish you every success in your future work!