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Prof. Dr. Andreas Birkenfeld

Chair and Director
Department of Internal Medicine IV
Section of Diabetology, Endocrinology, Nephrology
University Clinic Tübingen

Institute of Diabetes and Metabolic Disease
Helmholtz Center Munich at University Clinic Tübingen

Curriculum Vitae


Academic education

2004 Dissertation, Charité – University School of Medicine, Berlin

2011 Board Certification Internal Medicine 

2013 Habilitation, Internal Medicine, Charité - Berlin 

2017 Board Certification Endocrinology and Diabetology

Professional career

20012007 Internship, Internal Medicine, Charité-Berlin

2007 – 2010 Postdoctoral Fellow of the DFG, Yale University with Gerald I Shulman 

20102014 DFG-Group Leader ‘Energy Metabolism’, Charité-Berlin

01/201409/2014 Hans A. Krebs Professor of Therapy & Pathophysiology of Diabetes, Charité-Berlin

10/201409/2019 Associate Professor of Metabolic Vascular Medicine, Medical Faculty of the Technical University Dresden 

10/201409/2019 Chair, Dept of Metabolic Vascular Medicine, University Clinic Dresden 

since 04/2015 Reader (~ Associate Professor), Department of Diabetology, King’s College London, UK

since 06/2017 elected Speaker, working group of Diabetes & Heart of the German Diabetes Association (DDG) 

since 10/2019 Chair and Full Professor of Diabetology, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Medical Faculty of the University Tübingen

since 10/2019 Director, Department of Endocrinology, Endocrinology, Nephrology, University Clinic Tübingen

since 10/2019 Director, Institute of Diabetes and Metabolic Disease (IDM) Helmholtz Center Munich at University Tübingen

since 10/2019 Co-Speaker, German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD e.V. – together with M. Hrabé de Angelis, A. Schürmann, M. Solimena, M. Roden)  

Awards and Honors

2018 Best German Abstract Award, American College of Cardiology (ACC)

2017 Co-Speaker, International Research Training Group 2251 ‘Immunological and Cellular Strategies in Metabolic Disease’

2015 Ferdinand Bertram Award, German Diabetes Association (DDG)

2014 Schoeller-Junkmann-Award, German Society of Endocrinology (DGE)

2012 Science Award, German Obesity Association (DAG)

2011 “Rising Star” Award, European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD)

2010 Travel Award for European Fellows, American Diabetes Association (ADA)

2006 Research Award, Hypertension Council, American Heart Association (AHA)

2005 Penaz-Wesseling Award of the American Autonomic Society (AAS)

2004 Hans J Dengler Award, Deutsche Gesellschaft f. Klin. Pharmakol. & Toxikol